This  independent review was written by Elke at, and she has been so kind for us to translate it and post here. 

The British brand Hana Baby was born from the little girl Hannah, who did not want to leave her mother Melissa and hence was carried in a wrap most of the time. They both however got too hot in a regular cotton baby wrap, and due to the lack of a baby wrap that was cool enough to carry her little one, their bamboo stretchy baby wrap was born. Now they also have a soft structured carrier in their range, of which we received a sample. This carrier specifically targets smaller babies so that they can be used right from birth/3.5kgs.

The carrier is made up of soft, organic cotton canvas, and comes in 3 neutral colour ranges. The sturdy C-shaped waist belt closes nicely and fits well around the waist. The padding feels rounded to the edges, which makes it comfortable to hold. The buckle closes in the middle, slides well but not too much and does not loosen.

The panel is very soft and floppy for a canvas carrier. It has 3 width settings, which can be adjusted with the use of pop snaps. The two pleats in the front panel provide a nice deep seat. At the knee cavity there is a very small amount of extra padding applied. On the back panel is a small, beautifully finished pocket. The pocket will only hold some small items however, such as some keys or cards. The panel length can be best comparable to a Boba 4G.

In contrast to the super soft panel, the shoulder straps are firm with stitching running through them. Because they are so firmly filled, they are not very “puffy” but give a lot of support. The shoulder straps can be worn both straight and crossed. Our testers had a strong preference for crossing the shoulder straps, as this distributes the weight better. Thanks to the PFA’s (perfect fit adjuster) front, the shoulder straps can be customised.

Hana Baby Carrier Shoulder Straps

The baby carrier offers superb fit and supports, including to a very small child. The seat is easily adjustable, retaining the side support that young children. At the top however, there is a small weakness for the very small – the top of the carrier does not fit snugly around the baby’s neck. However, as a result of the excellent support the carrier offers in general, I’d imagine this to be Save & Exit solved easily by rolling up the sleeping hood or a muslin to place around the neck.

Hana Baby Carrier Neck

Our newborn baby was sat too deeply in the carrier. This however can be resolved by flipping over the waist belt (as a apron) and positioning your child in the carrier in this way. The support and weight distribution that the waist belt offers when flipped over is not optimal, but because you use this technique only for very little children, that is not a problem.

Not would you have to use it this way for a long time, a couple of weeks perhaps, as a baby size 56-62cm fits perfectly in the wearer without any adjustments.

For a slightly larger child, whose shoulders and arms are outside the panel, the carrier ensures that their upper body stays close to the wearer.

Thanks to Sien, Mathis, Florian, and their mum’s Anja, Ilse and Liesbeth for testing and the pictures.
Thanks to Hanababy’s Melissa to make this test possible.

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