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The Hana Baby Carrier reviewed

This  independent review was written by Elke at, and she has been so kind for us to translate it and post here.  The British brand Hana Baby was born from the little girl Hannah, who did not want to leave her mother Melissa and hence was...

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Breastfeeding in a wrap, sling or carrier.

I had been feeling very happy and secure in my role as a new mum, but then for the first time I felt stressed, unable to do anything. Hannah was asking for constant attention. I could not put her down for a single minute, not even when she was asleep, as she'd wake up...

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I knew I wanted to have more than one child from the moment children crossed my mind. I’m the youngest of three and have very fond memories of childhood, memories of companionship, adventure, dares and bikes and trees and rope swings. I wanted my children to build...

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Guilty Mama

When children come along you’re warned of the lack of sleep they will cause, maybe you’ll have sore breasts for a while whilst establishing breastfeeding, endless laundry, baby equipment taking over your home, we accept these things, knowing that the love we feel for...

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HanaBaby is a UK manufacturer of bamboo baby wraps, organic cotton buckle carriers and swaddle pods.


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